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Replica for
Transportation Equity

Go beyond crash data with mode and trip volume data that helps you distinguish between busy intersections and dangerous ones. Prioritize equity with privacy-preserving income and demographic data.

Replica’s unique data on people and mobility activity supports the journey toward more equitable transportation networks. Within a few clicks, Replica data can reveal meaningful insights about the mobility needs of demographic, socioeconomic, and geographic cohorts of the population. Our privacy-safe approach gives customers confidence that they can prioritize the needs of local communities and provide evidence for how IIJA projects meet federal Justice40 guidelines.

Transportation access
  • Study mobility activity of people who don’t own cars
  • See how well transit serves people for work, shopping, errands, and other trip purposes
  • Identify opportunities to reduce car reliance and enhance active transportation
Access to opportunity + meeting basic needs
  • Analyze site locations to understand how workers and consumers travel to, from, or near a place of interest
  • See how the existing transportation network connects disadvantaged and underserved communities to education, health care, food, and other basic needs
Environmental Health + Safety
  • Assess exposure to transportation emissions at the local level with data on residential VMT and freight travel activity
  • Integrate Replica’s granular mode-split data with local crash data for novel analyses on pedestrian risk
Intersectional Impact + Meeting Equity Standards
  • Disaggregated data and multivariable analyses allow you to drill down into your communities’ activities and needs like never before
  • Upload custom geographies (including Justice40 Disadvantaged Community maps) to ensure your projects meet Justice40 + BIL equity guidelines
  • Replica data can help you achieve What Works Certification for Data-Driven Decision-Making, which focuses on equity

Replica is the only company offering composite disaggregated datasets that enable you to analyze individual trip characteristics and the sociodemographic and socioeconomic traits of people making those trips (e.g., age, race/ethnicity, income, home location, work location).

Use Cases

Replica has helped more than 150 customers across the United States make informed decisions to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable places.

Fulton County, GA: Transportation Access

Inspired by the 2022 TRB Annual Meeting session, “State DOTs: Creating Pathways to Equity,” we looked at long-duration trips by low-income residents of Fulton County who do not have access to a private automobile. The study shows concentrations of trip destinations overlaid on the transit network.


  • Understand the extent to which the existing transit network serves the transit-dependent population.
  • Inform strategies to create “pathways to equity” by analyzing existing conditions.

East New York:
Access to Opportunity

As noted in a January 2022 NYS press release announcing nearly $1 billion in financing for affordable housing, there are “chronic discrepancies in access to healthcare, housing and services in Central Brooklyn’s neighborhoods.” 

This map shows the destinations of long-duration shopping and errands trips among residents of East New York.


  • Understand access to basic needs among residents of a study area.
  • Inform planning and placemaking initiatives by identifying existing inequities.

Columbus, OH:
Intersectional Impact in Justice40 Disadvantaged Communities (DACs)

The Justice40 Initiative calls for at least 40% of the benefits from certain federal investments to accrue to Disadvantaged Communities (DACs). Using the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) interim definition of DACs, we looked at travel patterns of nonwhite residents of DACs — the map shows network link volumes along major roadways in and around Columbus, OH.


  • Leverage custom geographies to analyze travel patterns in addition to home locations of DAC residents.
  • Position for federal funding through discretionary grant programs under the umbrella of Justice40.

TMD & NJ Transit

Transportation Management & Design (TMD) performed an equity analysis for New Jersey Transit (NJT) to better understand ridership. Creating equitable transit system means increasing access to service at all times of day throughout the week. If done right, transit becomes more convenient for a broader group of people and for a wider variety of trips. TMD used Replica data to model travel volumes per day and compare this with transit service. By layering in demographic data, and disaggregate information on how disadvantaged communities travel, TMD was able to produce recommendations on how to modify service schedules to provide access to a wider rider base.

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Leveraging Data to Reconnect Communities and Create a More Equitable Transportation System

In this webinar we discussed:

  • The state of transportation equity in cities across the U.S.
  • Deep dive on federal funding available to help reconnect communities
  • How data can help us understand existing conditions, inform more equitable decision-making, and help implement and measure equity interventions.

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Case Studies

Replica has helped more than 150 customers across the United States make informed decisions to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable places.
Schedule a demo to learn how Replica can help you with designing for Transportation Equity.
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