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Replica for
Safe Streets

Go beyond crash data with mode and trip volume data that helps you distinguish between busy intersections and dangerous ones. Prioritize equity with privacy-preserving income and demographic data.

Leverage Replica's unique, innovative datasets to apply for Safe Streets for All (SS4A) grants and other Vision Zero initiatives.

Equity Analysis

Identify safety interventions where it is needed the most.

Safety Analysis

Analyze more than crash data and see where, why, and how people travel.

Use Cases

Replica has helped more than 150 customers across the United States make informed decisions to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable places.

Vision Zero Atlanta

Marginalized communities are at risk on streets that extend beyond their home communities. Replica data allows us to match trips of Communities of Concern residents to cities' High Injury Networks creating a more holistic approach to safety and equity concerns. Visit our blog to learn more.

Learn more about Vision Zero Atlanta
Read the blog post

NYC Most Dangerous Intersections

Replica data is used to visualize all of New York City’s most dangerous intersections and what intersections to prioritize for safety improvements. Visit our blog to learn more.

  • Created a new dataset and an interactive map to help policymakers and the public understand more about the intersections where incidents occur.
  • Shows where senior citizens on foot or bike make up higher shares of all trips taken at intersections
  • Replica gives you the right tools to communicate your data — and decisions based on it — with policymakers and the public.
Learn more about NYC dangerous intersections
Read the blog post

Alta’s Active Transportation Project Prioritization

Replica’s mobility and land use data was used to help Alta’s clients understand existing conditions and identify next steps for investing effectively in active transportation.

  • As part of implementing MnDOT’s Statewide Pedestrian System Plan, Alta is analyzing about 2,000 half-mile-wide areas across Minnesota.
  • Replica data combined with a latent demand analysis previously developed by the Greater Nashville Regional Council illustrated the potential demand for new bike lanes and shared-use paths in Sumner County TN.
  • For the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area in North Dakota and Minnesota, Alta used Replica Data to produce a list of priority investment areas for cycling and walking.
Learn more about Alta's Active Transportation Projects
read the blog post

Crash Data Augmentation

Replica’s data can also be used to normalize severe injury and fatality crash data to go beyond where crashes are happening, and determine where road users are most at risk. Paired with neighborhoods where vulnerable populations reside, this quick analysis can augment a traditional high injury network street prioritization by layering in vulnerable population volumes. For an example of such an investigation, please refer to Replica’s SS4A Webinar and blog post featuring the city of Atlanta.

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Safe Streets for All: An Opportunity for Innovative Transportation Equity Data

In this webinar we discussed:

  • Replica, FHWA, Miami-Dade County, and Alta Planning discuss how we can use the power of data to bring an end to the decades-long pedestrian safety crisis facing the United States
  • With a data and equity-driven approach, municipalities can make truly impactful interventions that will save lives and help our communities make Vision Zero a reality.
  • A major challenge that decision-makers face is accessing reliable, recent, and accurate data to inform what policy and infrastructure investment will actually make an impact on their community.

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Case Studies

Replica has helped more than 150 customers across the United States make informed decisions to create stronger, more resilient, and more equitable places.
Schedule a demo to learn how Replica can help you win SS4A Funding.
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Serious-Fatal Bike-Ped Crashes & Active Mode Volumes by Residents Living in Areas of Economic Hardship