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Navigating the Evolving Data Landscape in Transportation Planning and Operations

March 30, 2023
3pm EST
60 Minutes

Webinar Recording

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About the Webinar

For transportation planners, modelers, analysts, and decision-makers across the country, acquiring the right data has never been more important. At the same time, the options and complexity of data available to public agencies have never been greater. At Replica, we understand the imperative to make data-driven decisions, but we hear every day that deciding on, procuring, implementing, and operationalizing data can be a massive challenge. 

In this Webinar, Replica CEO Nick Bowden will discuss the things to know and the questions to ask when choosing the right data for your agency and your most important projects. Nick will walk through the entirety of the data acquisition lifecycle, from evaluation to integration to project application.

This talk will be followed by a question and answer session, so please bring your questions!

In this webinar we'll discuss:

Topics we’ll cover:

  • The state of the Location-based Services (LBS) data market today
  • The tradeoffs associated with different leading data sources in the market
  • The questions you should ask when talking to vendors to be best prepared to make an effective procurement decision
  • What you should and should not expect when choosing a data partner
  • How best-in-class agencies get the most out of data investments, even in a time of stretched budgets and limited staff resources
  • How best-in-class agencies ensure data purchases are resilient and sustainable
  • How high-quality data can make a difference in acquiring IIJA funding 

Who should attend:

Transit Agency Leaders, City leaders and managers, public policy leaders, state and local government agencies, transportation planners, consulting firms, private companies, mobility companies, real estate leaders, community advocates.

Come and join us on this webinar!

March 30, 2023
3pm EST
60 Minutes
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