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Forecast conditions with Replica’s industry-leading transportation models.

Replica Scenario is the first software product for forecasting population and travel activities anywhere in the United States.

Replica Scenario is the first software product for forecasting population and travel activities anywhere in the United States. With Scenario, public agencies and their consultants can obtain high-quality, detailed data projections of future conditions based on expected changes to the population, employment, and work from home rates, with additional features available soon.

With Scenario, you can easily model future conditions based on your projections for:

  • Population growth
  • Employment growth
  • Remote work rates
  • Demographic and socioeconomic attributes of future populations (coming soon)
  • Road closures and capacity changes (coming soon)
  • Changes to land use (future capability)
  • Changes to the transit network (future capability)

You’ll receive easily accessible data including:

  • New population, employment, and home-work distribution
  • Travel behaviors (origins, destinations, travel modes, trip distances, etc.)
  • Road volumes and transit line ridership
  • Locations where travel demand exceeds road capacity
  • Custom queries and datasets to support your analysis


Replica Scenario: Forecasting the Future

Jan 19, 2023 03:00 PM EST

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The Launch of Replica Scenario
  • How Scenario can be used to forecast activities and travel demand
  • Applications for scenario & available projection types
  • Outputs from Scenario and what you will receive

Why Scenario?

Scenario is built so you can actually use it.

We know it’s difficult and time-consuming for transportation professionals to access and update models for scenario planning.

With Replica Scenario, any planner, analyst, or modeler can generate their own forecasts based on our models and expansive datasets. 

We’re shortening the time it takes you to generate high-quality transportation scenarios, and making it easier for everyone to benefit from the insights that will drive decision-making in your city, state, or region.

How It Works

Scenario leverages the same modeling used in our Seasonal Mobility Metrics (Places) product, which provides detailed transportation metrics nationwide.

Now, Replica customers can simply provide their projections for future conditions and we’ll re-run our models, which leverage billions of recent data points on movements and the built environment. You’ll receive detailed data outputs that can be easily explored in user-friendly Scenario output reports or downloaded for analysis in your preferred tools.

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