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Reports & Studies

Replica works with Agencies across the country to develop critical reports and studies that dictate innovation, development, and public conversations.

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Reports and Studies

Brookings Institution
Transportation inequities & proximity focused planning

Brookings wanted to understand what kinds of performance measures could help practitioners design neighborhoods and transportation systems that better capture proximity's benefits. They used Replica Data to Compare cities in different regions across the United States.

DC Department of Transportation (DDOT)
Parametric Analysis of Telecommuting Effects on Transportation Tax Revenues

In February, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) released the Parametric Analysis of Telecommuting Effects on Transportation Tax Revenues, a report investigating the most influential parameters and possible scenarios affecting the District's Highway Trust Fund revenues due to increased telecommuting and changes in commute mode in order to propose a multi-criteria decision-making model for transportation tax revenue generation. The research team used data from various sources, including Replica, to explore the elasticities of private motorizations, mode choice in relation to gasoline prices, and the working population's travel behavior.

DuPage County, IL
Regional Mobility Plan Existing Conditions

DuPage County worked closely with RTA & other local agencies on their updated regional mobility plan. The team relied heavily on Replica Data.

MTA's Extending Transit's Reach Plan

In January 2023, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) released Extending Transit's Reach, a strategic action plan that seeks to enhance bicycle, pedestrian, and micro-mobility access to transit stations and other MTA facilities in the New York metropolitan area. The team used Replica data on bike trip usage, data from the American Community Survey (ACS), and Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) to divide the MTA’s subway stations into tiers based on a number of demographic factors. As noted in the plan, Extending Transit's Reach "[leverages] the industry's latest best practices and extensive data analysis to identify areas of greatest need within [the MTA] system." Replica data supported the existing conditions assessment that set the stage for the plan's bold recommendations.

New York City
Making New York Work for Everyone

Replica data provided key insights on how the pandemic affected mobility and economic activity in New York City, and how things have changed over the past three years. This included mobility data on walking and transit trips, as well as consumer spending for restaurants, bars, retail, and other categories.With data for business districts and core employment hubs in NYC, and weekly historical data back to January 2019, Replica helped track recovery over time against a pre-pandemic baseline and assisted in setting a vision that ensures New York works for all New Yorkers.

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA): Chicago region
RTA’s Five-Year Regional Transit Strategic Plan

In February 2023, the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Board of Directors approved RTA's Five-Year Regional Transit Strategic Plan – entitled “Transit is the Answer” – for the Chicago region. RTA leveraged a wide range of Replica data to inform the Strategic Plan, including trip purpose, travel time, race and ethnicity, and household income data across multiple seasons from Places, as well as change in trip volumes over time from Trends.

Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), CA
Replica Places Data Validation

SACOG performed a series of reasonableness checks with Replica's data to establish confidence in the data. They created a report to display how the SACOG travel-modeling team will be using this powerful new source of data that enables even more fine-tuned analysis of travel trends in the Sacramento region.

Union Square Partnership
Commercial Market Report

Union Square Partnership wanted to create a document that lets residents and visitors know that the neighborhood is bouncing back following covid recovery. They used Replica data to understand and report on retail spending, total trips, and bike use in order to make their case.

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