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Why Replica?

Cities and Counties around the country trust Replica for best-in-class data and analysis.

By incorporating a composite of over two dozen input datasets, and validating outputs against observed ground truth, Replica provides the accurate and reliable data cities need for planning, operations, and economic development.

Replica's platform is a one-stop shop for equity analyses, Vision Zero Action Plans, transit management, and economic impact studies.

City of El Paso
Topeka Kansas
Culver City
Fort Worth
City of Ann Arbor Michigan

Top Use Cases

Cities and Counties depend on Replica for:

Core transportation metrics

Like multi-modal ODs, Vehicle Miles Traveled, AADT, Hourly Volumes, TMCs, and Speeds.

Core economic development metrics

Like consumer spend by category, tourism, and uplifts from special events.

Vision Zero /Safety planning

Combining risky driving behavior data with ped. travel patterns.

Equity analyses

With trips, destination, and travel times broken down by income cohort and demographic characteristics.

EV infrastructure planning

With the ability to study EV ownership and travel patterns.

Sales tax forecasting

With more recent data than typically available through comptroller’s offices.

Replica in Action

Identifying High-Conflict Corridors

Identifying High-Conflict Corridors

Culver City, California

Replica enabled Culver City to combine vulnerable road user data and risky driving behavior to create a corridor prioritization ranking based on highest conflict areas per mile of corridor.

Culver City now has recent data to support prioritization of active transportation infrastructure to promote safe streets for walking and cycling.

Data is updated seasonally so Culver City can quantify the impact of interventions as they are deployed.

Compare Weekday and Weekend Spending

El Paso, Texas

El Paso utilizes the combination of Replica's mobility, spending, and demographic data to understand changing behavior patterns post-COVID, and to support downtown economic development strategies.

One of many related analyses is to study the difference in weekday and weekend spending across retail, grocery stores and restaurants, to influence congestion management, transit scheduling, and economic recovery.

Compare Weekday and Weekend Spending
Street Preservation & Asset Management

Street Preservation & Asset Management

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City manages over 600 signalized intersections and 32,000 road segments. Using Replica, KC was able to get volumes and turning movement counts for each link far more quickly and affordably.

With access to segment-specific trip data, informed decisions regarding street preservation are now possible. 

This information now makes it much easier to identify streets needing maintenance and repaving, impacting overall planning.

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