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Getting start with new types of data can be daunting. Download the guides
below for Replica's introduction to applying data to specific initiatives.

Transit Planning Guide

Even four years later, the pandemic and its resulting change on transportation patterns mean that transit agencies need to think differently about the services they offer and maintaining financial viability. Replica data enables transit agencies to understand where people are traveling, why they are traveling, who they are, and what mode they are using for their travel activity. Working with Replica, agencies and their consultants can make meaningful improvements to transit systems, tailor services to meet demand, and win prospective riders. Learn more by downloading the guide.

EV Infrastructure Guide

Billions of dollars have been allocated to deploy EV charing infrastructure nationwide. Replica provides customers with data on who owns EVs, where they are driving, and for what purpose. In combination with Replica's additional insight on overall travel patterns, demographics, and land use, customers have unique ability to plan effective, efficient, and equitable investments in EV infrastructure. Learn more by downloading the guide.

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