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About Replica

Replica gives public agencies and private companies the information they need to make complex decisions about the physical world.

Too often, important decisions are made with data that’s out of date, incomplete, or both. Afterward, there’s no data to measure the impact of those decisions.

Replica exists to change that.

Founded inside Alphabet in 2017, Replica’s mission is to make the world’s information about the built environment valuable and actionable for those who need it most. We spun out and raised our Series A in 2019, and raised our Series B in 2021.

Since becoming an independent company, Replica has served hundreds of customers, including Caltrans, Texas DOT, Illinois DOT, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in NYC, Waymo, Deloitte, AECOM, Arup, and WSP.

Customers around the country trust Replica because of our investment in high-quality data sources, a team that spans both deep technical and deep public sector experience, and our commitment to a partnership-based approach where we support our customers in achieving their most important objectives.

We come to work every day thinking about how we can get more insights into the hands of our customers.

Our Team

With decades of combined experience in city management, urban planning, public policy, academia, and technology, we have a deep understanding and respect for the complexity of what our customers do.

Replica has offices in Kansas City, New York City, and Oakland, plus remote employees across North America.
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Nick Bowden
Alexei Pozdnukhov
Chief Technology Officer
JT Tenjack
Head of Design
Amy Lopez
Senior Director Regional Growth
Asher Rosenfeld
Director of Sales Operation
Fern Horrillo
Senior Data Analyst
Bryan Williams
Senior Software Engineer
Max Sokol
Solutions Architect

Our core values

We embrace complexity

Cities are complex, interconnected, and ever-changing. They face difficult challenges that rarely have easy answers, and often have difficult trade-offs.

We empower expertise

For experts to confidently express their judgment, they need data that is accurate, detailed, recent, multi-dimensional, privacy-preserving, and useful. We collaborate with our customers to ensure we meet these standards.

We recognize the power and limitations of good data

Data is only one part of the solution. It supports but cannot replace thoughtful public policy, community outreach, and industry expertise.

We are responsible stewards of data

We are uncompromising on privacy. We seek data of the highest quality, and we are always transparent about quality. We believe our customers are best served by our careful and responsible approach to data.