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Data to drive decisions about the built environment

Our Mission

To organize the world’s information about the built environment and make it accessible, valuable, and actionable.

Electric Vehicles & Vehicle Miles Traveled

Replica provides customers with detailed information on who owns EVs, where they are driving, and why. We have created a tool providing summary statistics on network vehicle-miles traveled per capita, and the breakdown of VMT by EVs and traditional vehicles.

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Public Sector

Planning and Consulting Firms

Enterprise and Industry Experts

"Other data sources tend to be more manual and labor-intensive. Doing surveys and interviewing businesses takes a long time; it also doesn't provide a complete picture, and it takes a lot of people to do that in an effective way. Replica helps us target investments more quickly and much more effectively. [...] This data also allows us to be more responsive. Pulling down replica data relatively quickly – within a couple of days – has been really helpful."

Tom Anderson

Director of Economic Development
City of Chicago

"Replica has been incredibly helpful for us. We use it as one of our key tools to track recovery metrics and we share them with our partners and stakeholders. [ …] Having access to this kind of data helps us make a case to the City and other funding sources for investing in Union Square."

Tali Cantor

Director of Planning
Union Sq. Partnership, NYC

"Replica is really great because it allows for City-wide analysis to take place relatively quickly. We can all relate to getting these big policy questions and given no time to do the analysis. Being able to get insights and being able to make recommendations with a really quick turn around is extremely helpful. [...] And the fact that this data is seasonal has been a real time and money saver for the City."

Alex Hoffman

Deputy Director of Planning
El Paso, TX

"Replica's not going to capture everything but the beauty of it is it's nimble enough to be calibrated. Replica's willing to listen and calibrate their data to a local level... We have the utmost confidence in regards to using this platform and providing the service to our members' jurisdiction."

Warren Navaro

GIS Analyst

We have been using Replica at every meeting. It has been helpful as it has allowed us to provide an excellent cross-sectional analysis (which I call a Planner X-Ray). The data has helped set the stage for our meetings, which is vital in gaining the community's trust.

David Drits

Program Management & Integration
The New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC)

Origins for trips ending in Manhattan
Fall 2021
Trip Breakdown
5.8 M
2.6 M
trip takers
work trips
transit trips

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