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Replica provides customers with data on who owns EVs, where they are driving, and for what purpose. In combination with Replica's additional insight on overall travel patterns, demographics, and land use, customers have unique ability to plan effective, efficient, and equitable investments in EV infrastructure. Learn more by downloading the guide.

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Analyses Replica Enable

Planning for an equitable distribution of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations

Replica data can help governments right-size their EV infrastructure strategies for the communities they serve.  With the release of our new fuel type filter (Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Other Non-BEV) Replica data, with its comprehensive demographic and mobility data, can support equitable distribution of EV charging stations to serve low-income communities and communities of color.

Where EV chargers meet emergency management

As significant investments in EV charging networks are being made nationwide, the importance of emergency planning and evacuation routes remains paramount. The role of EV infrastructure during emergency weather events, along with the impacts of such events on EV infrastructure, is a central focus of discussion.

Where do EV trips start and end?
What are the demographics of the trip takers?

One advantage of using Replica’s mobility data is that travel patterns can be linked to the trip takers' socio-demographics. With the addition of the Vehicle Fuel Type filter, Replica makes it possible to analyze trips made by EVs and the transportation patterns of the EV trip takers .

Understand the roadways used by EVs and their share of overall traffic

Beyond understanding where EV owners live and their demographics, Replica also makes it possible to understand the roadways used by EVs and their share of overall traffic. This makes it possible to prioritize the siting of EV infrastructure to maximize convenient access and to capitalize on high-traffic EV routes, thereby supporting the continued growth of EV infrastructure. Additionally, this data can provide insight into EVs' wear patterns on the roadway network, which is essential for infrastructure planning and maintenance.

Where are vehicles spending the most time parked?

Calculate the time between trips for each modeled driver to understand where vehicles spend the longest average period of time parked (dwell time)

Identify areas with high trip volume and high average vehicle dwell time to optimize charging station siting and investment.

Calculate the share of EVs starting and ending their trips in a given area to further prioritize station siting in places with high trip volume, dwell time, and EV share

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