2023 AADT Part 2: Nationwide Freight AADT

As part of our release of 2023 AADT data, we visualized volumes on the nation’s Interstate Highway System with breakdowns for commercial shipping trips. Scroll down for an interactive map and to see volumes for your jurisdiction.

Published on
April 30, 2024

Replica’s release of 2023 Annual Average Daily Traffic data sets a new bar for coverage, quality and depth. Any Replica customer with a subscription that includes AADT can access the 2023 Dataset and App today, just by logging in.

To demonstrate the power of a dataset with full US coverage and breakdowns for single and combination truck volumes, in this post we explored volumes across the US Interstate Highway System. In Part 2, we took a more local approach by exploring the exposure that different income cohorts have to freight travel in cities around the country.

2023 Total AADT

Unsurprisingly, a nationwide map of AADT on the interstate highway system looks an awful lot like a map of the population of the United States. For the most part, the more people, the more cars. Across the entire Interstate System, the median roadway has an AADT of just under 25,000 trips. 

And the most highly traveled segment? I-405, the San Diego Freeway, holds that prize, with more than 193,000 average daily trips.

2023 AADT on the Interstate Highway System. Thicker lines signify greater traffic.
2023 Freight AADT

The map looks a bit different when we filter only to AADT for freight volumes. There are proportionately more volumes in shipping hubs, like Memphis, and generally, greater emphasis on routes between cities, like I-40 as it runs between Dallas and Nashville, and I-10 between New Orleans and Houston. 

The median Interstate has a freight AADT of 4,000, and the most traveled segment is I-80 south of Chicago. With a freight AADT of 25,100, it has roughly the same number of daily freight trips as the median interstate segment has total trips.

2023 Freight AADT on the Interstate Highway System. Thick lines signify greater freight traffic.
Freight as a Percentage of Overall AADT

The pattern looks much different when showing freight trips as a percentage of total AADT. It’s not the city centers that stand out, but the long stretches of highways across far more rural areas. 

Nationwide, on the median roadway, freight travel makes up 16% of total AADT. But on I-80 between Cheyenne and Salt Lake, it’s 55% and on I-35 between San Antonio and the Mexican border, it reaches 60%. 

On the following interactive map, we've included both the total AADT and the percentage of daily volumes made by freight trips for the Interstate system. The thickness of each roadway is determined by the total average daily traffic, where thicker lines represent more trips. The color of each roadway is determined by the percentage of daily trip volumes made by freight trips, where darker lines represent a higher percentage of freight travel.

 2023 Nationwide AADT with Freight Trip Breakdown

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