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Introducing Replica’s Fully Redesigned Web App

We’ve improved mapping, filtering, and download capabilities so users can connect quickly with deep insights about activity in the built environment.

Published on
September 8, 2022

It’s now easier than ever to explore Replica’s detailed data about mobility, land use, people, and the ways they interact in the built environment.

Today we’re launching a fully redesigned web interface for Replica. With this update, our web app gives Replica users greater access to the wealth of data from our nationwide activity-based travel model. We’ve also added features to give users more control over how to visualize, download, and share that information.

Rest assured, the underlying data is the same. Today’s updates to our application are all about making it possible to explore data, surface insights, and visualize it all in one place.

What’s new?

Improved navigation and filters: We redesigned the Places experience to make filters easier to manage and to provide more fine-grained filtering of Replica data. Interactive data summaries offer fast access to details about the kinds of trips and people you want to study.

More control over visualizations: With new controls for visualizing maps, you can rely on our web app for more parts of your workflow. Our maps now include options to adjust the color palette, gradient steps, and transparency. A new streamlined view for charts simplifies the presentation and filtering of data about trips and people.

Dataset view: In-app data previews update as you filter. Now you’ll see a sample of the data before you download it, so you can be sure you’re getting the data you want.

Improved data downloads and output files: Users can now customize their Places data downloads by selecting only the fields they want. We have also added the option to download Shapefile and GeoJSON map layers in addition to CSV data.

Other updates: We’ve made a few changes to the Replica web app beyond Places. A new homepage gives users quicker access to their saved content across Trends and Places, and a refreshed Reference Data page makes it easier to find and download data on geographies, land use, and parking.

We completed this redesign with input from a group of Replica users who are professionals in transportation planning. We’ve incorporated their feedback into the product we’re launching today, and we invite all users to continue helping us to improve our products.

For existing customers, we will host training sessions to familiarize everyone with the new look and features. If you’re not a customer and would like to learn more, please contact us to schedule a demo.

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