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Replica for the Private Sector

When you need data to make investment and operational decisions, coarse data and pre-packaged PDF reports just won’t cut it. Replica’s detailed, disaggregated data makes it possible to get answers to the nuanced questions private-sector investors could previously only speculate on.

Hospitality & Retail

Location intelligence is key for the expansion of nationwide hospitality and retail brands. Using Replica data, decision makers can better understand population and traffic patterns in key areas of growth.

Next-Gen Mobility & Transportation Services

Transportation is an essential component of economic activity. Understanding how, why, and when people move will help to better inform your planning and services. By using Replica’s data, you can better develop equitable strategies, ensuring access for all communities in your area. Replica’s data highlights modal preferences in specific locations, allowing you to better understand how people travel and how your solution can impact travel patterns.

Financial Services

Gain a competitive advantage by developing an alpha generating strategy based on built environment intelligence from consumer spending behavior, travel patterns, and demographic characteristics. Financial services firms work with Replica to better understand how behavioral patterns are driving valuations and to garner actionable insights ahead of the market.

Real Estate

Whether you are looking for the next up-and-coming neighborhood, running a comparative market analysis, or pitching government agencies on the positive impact of your projects, it’s important to understand the makeup of the people in your target market and their behavioral patterns. With Replica, real estate developers, investment managers, and brokers can better understand the built environment in which they operate, streamlining your investment process from hypothesis ideation to implementation.

Replica in Action

Real Estate
  • Site Selection: Conduct in-depth, multivariate market analysis when selecting the location of your next project.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Identify correlations between behavioral variables and your assets’ performance.
  • Marketing/Reporting: Understand who, how, and why people are accessing sites in your portfolio, enabling you to message and market your assets more effectively.
Financial Services
  • Economic Analysis: Access spending and travel pattern data to better understand what is driving economic activity in an area.
  • Risk Management: Leverage alternative data sources to complement your risk analysis.
  • Research: Understand how the built environment is impacting markets. With Replica’s data sets, evaluate period-over-period trends ahead of your peers.
Next-Gen Mobility & Transportation Services
  • Site Selection: Identify, analyze, and communicate the impact of your services in a specific location. Better understand the communities they will serve and the improvements they’ll bring to the surrounding areas.
  • Corridor Studies: Use Replica’s network link volumes to better understand who, why, how, and when people are accessing roads and highways.
  • Network Planning: Replica’s modal split data allows you to understand a population’s transportation preferences and how your services would complement, compete with, or replace existing services.

Private firms across the country use Replica to understand their place in the built environment.

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