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Empowering Innovation: Highlights from Replica's Inaugural California User Summit

Replica hosted our inaugural User Summit this month to gather Replica users across California to exchange insights, ideas, and success stories within the Replica Community.

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August 31, 2023

The event's central theme revolved around the power of community, exemplified by the close interaction between product experts and customers. A standout moment of the summit was the customer spotlights session, featuring speakers who showcased ways in which Replica's data has been leveraged to drive positive change. 

Andrew Maximous from the City of Culver City

Andrew Maximous, Mobility and Traffic Engineering Manager for the City of Culver City, shared an innovative approach Culver City is taking to street safety. By integrating Replica data with Michelin data, they have crafted a new tool for high-conflict corridor prioritization, taking a proactive stance toward road safety and inspiring other communities to do the same. Read more about the use case here.

Nimish Dharmadhikari and Marcia Smith from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Nimish Dharmadhikari and Marcia Smith from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) also brought their success stories to the forefront. Nimish elaborated on how SANDAG validates its activity-based travel demand model using Replica's travel patterns. Meanwhile, Marcia's account of securing a substantial grant for a transportation project through Replica's network link volumes showcased the tangible impact Replica's data can have on funding prospects.

In the afternoon, Replica facilitated a fireside with Joe Iacobucci and Dorottya Miketa from Sam Schwartz, a partner firm within the Replica Community. They engaged in insightful conversations about congestion pricing, bicycle infrastructure prioritization, and the ways in which Replica data can be instrumental in bolstering grant applications. They also shared a glimpse into upcoming walkability projects in Southern California.

Sam Roxas from Replica and Joe Iacobucci and Dorottya Miketa from Sam Schwartz

Replica Solutions Architect, Charlie Bailey, then shared a look ahead to our Spring 2023 Places season release. With efforts across the country continuing to increase EV infrastructure, Replica made it a priority to offer Vehicle Fuel Type as part of its upcoming data release. All private auto trips are now categorized as Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) or Other Non-BEV. With this major addition to Replica’s trip data, customers can filter and analyze trips made by EVs and study the transportation patterns of EV trip-takers by viewing trip origins, destinations, and routes, as well as Home and School/Work locations. Want to see the EV data in action? Register for our upcoming webinar here

Alexander Kapur, Partner at Cityfi, brought the summit to a close with a thought-provoking address. His innovative use of Replica data to analyze diverse trends, from the influence of Taylor Swift on LA to the effects of the writer's strike on travel patterns, encapsulated the possibilities inherent in data. As he shared his insights, he encouraged attendees to embrace the tools of the future while staying grounded in their values.

The inaugural CA User Summit was an energizing event weaving together Replica's commitment to customer collaboration, the transformative power of data, and the bright promise of the future. Interested in attending or have another city in mind for a future summit? Let us know below. 

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